Joe Naper
by Jeff Adams

When the Naperville Heritage Society decided to commission a sculpture of the city’s founder, there was no debate regarding who would be its designer. Dick Locher, a longtime Naperville resident and legendary cartoonist, known forboth his Dick Tracy comic strips and his political cartoons, was immediately chosen to help create the statue of Capt. Joseph Naper. Bryan Ogg, curator of research for the heritage societies Naper Settlement Museum, called Lochers involvement in the project a natural union. Locher visited Naper’s Homestead site and researched the 1830s before making sketches.

Locher's concept and design were brought to life in this beautiful 9 ½ foot monumental sculpture by artist and sculptor Jeff Adams.

Dedication was August 23, 2013, on the 151st anniversary of Joseph Naper's death. Joe Naper is the 43rd piece of Century walk art.

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